Introduction to Document Control

Introduction to Document Control

The “Introduction to Document Control” video training program teaches the fundamentals of document control, how to develop an effective document control system and how to control documents. This praxis-oriented course is applicable to any company.

Document control affects virtually everybody in your organization as every function and department uses some kind of documents, ranging from instructions to data sheets to authorizations. Documentation is the virtual infrastructure that supports your organization's processes and management.

The requirements for document control, as defined by ISO 9001:2008 section 4.2.3, affects everybody in your organization, and compliance is checked during every audit. This effective training course will help avoid audit nonconformities. The “Introduction to Document Control” training program will be an invaluable tool to:

Learn how to control documents in an efficient and praxis-oriented manner;

Use as a guide to design and write your company's ISO 9001 quality procedure on document control (as required by ISO 9001:2008 section 4.2.3) in the most efficient way;

Improve any existing document control process to make it more effective and less bureaucratic.

This course has been approved by the 9001 Council.


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Format: DVD

Duration: 75 minutes

Included Items: 1 DVD; Course Certificate

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Course Content

This DVD video presentation trains the viewer in one of the most important ISO 9001:2008 requirements that affects virtually everybody within your organization: Document Control. After introducing the basic concept of document control, the course explains which types of documents need to be controlled. The in-depth training program then teaches methods to control existing documents, methods to properly revise documents, and other skills necessary to set up and maintain a successful document control process. The course ends with practical tips for all those that write any kind of document.

Authors & Instructors

For information and professional background of the authors, presenters and instructors of this ISO 9001 training course, please see About Us.

Course Certificate

This training course includes a Course Certificate that can be downloaded and printed out for each student who completes this course.

Course Duration

75 minutes

Lesson Plan

This ISO 9001 training video includes the following lessons:

Elements of Documents

Process Approach to Documentation

Identifying Documents and their Owners

Types of Documents

Master Document List

Document Control

Revisions and Maintenance

Tips for Document Writers

Who should take this course

The “Introduction to Document Control” video training program is ideal for:

ISO 9001 Management Representative - in order to gain a thorough understanding of the concept and practical application of document control, to manage your document control system and avoid audit nonconformities.

All Employees - to understand the requirements and benefits of document control, and because document control is a fundamental requirement (ISO 9001:2008 section 4.2.3) that everybody within the company needs to understand and follow.

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DVD Course

The “Introduction to Document Control” training program is provided in DVD Course format. DVD Courses are the modern form of classroom instruction without the need for a physical instructor. Due to its multimedia content, DVD training programs provide not only effective learning but also an enjoyable experience.

Instead of traveling to a class and listening to an instructor, you simply watch the “Introduction to Document Control” DVD at your own convenience. All you need is a TV and DVD player, or a computer with DVD player and speakers.

How to take this course

The “Introduction to Document Control” DVD course can be taken by individuals and groups:

Classroom  Present this ISO 9001 course to a group and optionally pause the DVD at defined intervals for discussions. Note that the presenter does not need to have any ISO 9001 knowledge.

Self-Study  This video training program can be independently watched by individuals at their convenience.

Upon completion of the “Introduction to Document Control” course, a course certificate can be downloaded and printed out for each student.


Learning the document control process through this DVD Course is convenient, fast, inexpensive and quite enjoyable.

Features include:

Well-designed curriculum and modern teaching methods

High-quality video presentation

Well-respected instructors

Entertaining multimedia format that keeps the viewer interested in the subject

Stand-alone (replaces a physical instructor)

Course certificates included

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Ideal for Businesses

Our DVD Courses are an extremely cost effective method of teaching individuals and small to large groups of employees. A single DVD can be used to provide document control training to any number of employees at the same site at your company.